1. Thanks to you and Helena for making this excellent podcast. It should be mentioned that the roots of Laestadianism began in the forced Christianization of our ancestors. I’ve shared it over on extoots.org where we talk about all things Laestadian.

    • M Chan

      Thank you very much for the information and the clarification. Helena’s story was fascinating and I admire her so much for her strength and courage. I appreciate you sharing to your blog for others to hear!

  2. Thanks for interviewing and sharing your story. It will help others to know that they are not alone. I appreciate your referencing the similarities between the religious abuse and the other abuses. It is the combination that keeps so many unable to create boundaries.

    I also have a blog about my experience of sexual abuse and how the church (First Apostolic Lutheran Church deals with it – or doesn’t.

    I also love how we are taught that the body is sinful (that we at our core are sin) and how it is difficult to be self loving from that vantage point.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Beth Jukuri

  3. Thanks Helena for breaking the silence! My experience has lots of similarities to yours. I appreciate the reference between the damage to the psyche from both being in the religion as well as being abused.

    I have a blog as well. http://www.imperfectlady.typepad.com

    We can all learn from each other and be each other’s cheerleaders.
    I applaud you!

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